Bullet SynaptaGenX is a result of over 30 years of research, including 23 clinical trials, led by Dr. Kenneth Blum, Ph. D, the pioneer of Amino Acid Therapy for addiction recovery.
Bullet SynaptaGenX utilizes a patented liposomal technology that maximizes bio-availability.
Bullet SynaptaGenX is an all-natural Dopamine Agonist, which has been shown in numerous studies to promote Dopamine, as well as Serotonin, and Endorphins, important neurotransmitters responsible for brain reward. SynaptaGenX assists individuals with Reward Deficiency System (RDS) as described by Dr. Kenneth Blum, PH. D. Individuals with RDS are unable to produce an adequate feeling of well-being and consequently often self-medicate with substances that help raise the levels of "feel-good" chemicals (i.e. dopamine) in their system--if only temporarily.
Bullet SynaptaGenX contains LifeGen's patented KB220Z neuroadaptagen technology, which has been shown to reduce or eliminate excessive desires for unhealthy behaviors and pleasure-inducing substances, including psychostimulant use/abuse, alcohol, and excessive food cravings. The Neuronutrients in SynaptaGenX help promote optimal dopamine function; normalize satiety and pleasure satisfaction from normally enjoyable activities and experiences; improve energy regulation, reduce stress, promote well-being, and increase feelings of happiness.

SynaptaGenX (120 Tablets) is the result of over 30 years of research and 23 clinical trials, and represents the latest findings in Amino Acid Therapy for assistance in addiction recovery.

SynaptaGenX is a Neuroadaptagen Amino Acid Therapy utilizing a patented Liposomal technology that improves absorption and maximizes bio-availability.

SynaptaGenX helps regulates cravings, which is its primary purpose.  Additionally, it helps support: Focus and cognition, enhanced energy, neurotransmitter balance, optimal brain function, and healthy moods. 

Helps Support Healthy Cravings, Enhanced Energy, and Reduced Stress; Maintain Mood Health, Optimal Brain Health, and Overall Wellness*

$88.99 - 120 tablets


Download Comparison Chart of AMA Rates for SynaptaGenX vs. Placebo
Download Comparison Chart of Relapse Rates for SynaptaGenX vs. Placebo


Clinical Trial Data SynaptaGenX (SGX)

PDF Population Study Study Type Benefit Reference/Author
Download Cocaine Abusers Controlled open label Nine-fold decrease in AMA rate with SGX variant compared to controls

Cur Ther Res43(6) 1204,1988Blum et al.

Download Alcoholic and Heroin Addicts Open-label case study We demonstrate for the first time that SGX intravenous administration reduces or "normalizes" aberrant electrophysiological parameters of the reward circuitry site

Postgraduate Medicine 122(6) 188, 2010 Miller et al.

Download Psycho-stimulant abusers randomized, triple-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover SGX variant showed an increase of alpha waves and low beta wave activity in the parietal brain region one hour post administration

Postgraduate Medicine 122(6) 214, 2010 Blum et al.

Download Poly-drug abusers Randomized Double-blind placebo -controlled SGX variant significantly reduced stress response as measured by skin conductance, compared to patients receiving placebo.

Gene Therapy & Molecu lar Biology Blum et al.


Obese Subjects (1)

Open label pre vs post treatment

DNA customized SGX administration yielded significant results for weight loss, sugar cravingreduction, appetite suppression, snack reduction, reduction of late night eating (all P<0.01 ), increased perception of overeating, enhanced quality of sleep, increased happiness (allP<0.05 ), and increased energy (P<0.001).

Adv Therp 25(9) 894,2008 Blum et al.

Download Obese Subjects (2) Open label pre vs post treatment

DNA customized SGX administrationyielded significant Pre- and post ad hoc analysis revealed a significantdifference between the starting BMI and the BMI following an average of 41 days(28-70dof SGX variant  intake whereby 71.4% lost weight.

Gene Therapy & Mol Biol. 12,371,2008 Blum et al.

Download Poly-Drug Addicts Court Mandated Open label out-patient 12 month clinical trial SGX variant after 1 year yielded a significant decrease in depression, anger, anxiety, drug craving, increased energy. Drop out rate for alcoholics was only 7%.

Adv Therp 24(2), 402,2007 Chen et al.

Download Methadone Addicts Open label out-patient 12 month clinical trial comparison to non-treatment The average number of days of compliance of being drug free utilizing Naltrexone in 1000 patients without SGX variant using rapid detoxification method is only 37 days. With SGX patients were relapse free for an average of 262 days (P<0.0001).

Med Hyp 63,538,2004 Chen et al.

Download Poly-Drug Addicts Randomized double-blind placebo controlled

With SGX variants significantly improved Physical Scores and BESS Scores (behavioral, emotional, social and spiritual).

After detoxification there was a six-fold decrease in AMA rates when comparing SGX variant vs. placebo groups. In this

inpatient treatment experience SGX variant facilitated the rate of recovery and allowed patients to respond more fully and more quickly to the behavioral goals of the program.

Alcohol 5,481,1988 Blum et al.

Download Detoxified Poly-Drug Addicts In-patient 30 day  double-blind controlled SGX variant patients as compared to controls (no SGX) had a lower Building Up To Drink  Score (BUD), required no benzodiazepines (0 vs. 94%), ceased tremors  at 72 hours as compared to 96 hours, had no severe depression on the MMPI compared to 24% in the control group.

International Journal of Addictions 23(9), 991,1988. Blum et al.

Download DUI Outpatient Offenders Alcohol and Cocaine One year open label controlled (vitamin) clinical trial. SGX variants significantly reduced relapse rates and enhanced recovery in DUI outpatient offenders over a 10 week period. After  ten months SGX compared to controls revealed a 73% recovery rate in alcoholics and a 53% recovery rate in cocaine addicts.

Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 22(2) 173,1990. Brown et al.

Download Healthy volunteers 30 day open label pre-post  evaluation SGX variant induced a significant enhancement of focus as measured by P300 wave and computerized performance tasks.

Clin- Electroencephalogr. 28(2) 68,1997 Defrance et al.

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